Saturday, September 1, 2007


So today i woke up at 6:30AM. The earliest I've woken up all summer vacation. -.- And then I went to get dressed and brush my teeth and out the door i went to my aunties house. My uncle drove us over to this convention somewhere near San Jose i guess, i'm not sure where it was. It was boring over there. -.- It was this Singtao convention. Everyone spoke Mandarin there! I DONT SPEAK MANDARIN! >:O But anyways. :) Yea. We spent like, 2 hours there getting a bunch of free crap. I won a water bottle, like, those Kirkland ones with water in it, yeh know? At this like, picking ball thing. It was lame. -.- And my mommy bought me this monkey phone strap which i strapped onto my Zen. :) Then we went shopping! <3 I didn't get anything. -.- Lotsa sales today though. O.O Crazyy. So yea. :) That was my day. Kinda boring. xP